Falcons News · Summer Weight Lifting

If you want to train hard and smart this summer—for sports, for life, for whatever reason—you might consider the VPA Barbell Club. An 8-week training program led by Mr. Bruns, Mr. Reasy, and Mr. Hjelmberg, the Barbell Club is for those who are serious about getting stronger, running faster, jumping higher, enduring longer, feeling better, looking sharper, and challenging themselves.

Who: Any rising freshman through graduated senior.

What: 8 weeks of lifting and conditioning.

Where: Veritas Prep Academy, Arcadia Park, and Papago Park.

When: M, Tu, Th, F this summer. All sessions will be in the early afternoons except for the Tuesday sessions, which will be in the mornings.

Please note: The Barbell Club is not free. This is not the kind of thing that stragglers can wander into and out of without commitment. The cost is $180 for the ten week program and $110 for five weeks.

There will be an informational meeting Wednesday 5/15 in Mr. Bruns’ room. Otherwise, please see Mr. Bruns, Mr. Reasy, or Mr. Hjelmberg for more details.