Falcons News · Winter Season UPDATE 11/16



While there are still a lot of unknowns surrounding winter season, we do finally have some answers. The AIA decided today, 11/16 that they will postpone the winter season to January. Currently, we do not have a specific date in January but that is the ballpark we are looking at. Until then we will hold open practices for anyone interested in a winter season sport. In order to go to these practices your athlete MUST have a physical, COVID-19 Waiver and the Athletics Handbook signed and uploaded to registermyathlete.com.


If you have any questions about pre-season workouts, please contact the specific sport coach from the list below:

Middle School

Boys Soccer

Head Coach: Marcus Porto mporto@veritasprepacademy.org

Head Coach: Nashan Dungel ndhungel@veritasprepacademy.org

Girls Soccer

Head Coach: Mary Swonger bjchesml4@gmail.com

Assistant Coach: Cookie Chang ychang@veritasprepacademy.org

Girls Softball

Head Coach: Steve Dietrich thelogomanaz@gmail.com

Boys Baseball

Head Coach: Peter Caschetta pcaschetta@archwayveritas.org

High School

Boys Soccer

Head Coach: Richard Cardenas richard@emerylanehomes.com

Girls Soccer

Head Coach: Kristi Seltzer kseltzer@greatheartsaz.org

Boys Basketball

Head Coach: Brooks Dockter brooks.dockter@gmail.com

Girls Basketball

Head Coach: Madolyn Chamerski mchamerski@archwayveritas.org





Kayla Walsh

Athletic Director