Academic Eligibility for Athletes

Academic Eligibility for Athletes

In order to participate in middle and high school athletics, student-athletes at Veritas Preparatory Academy must meet both Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) and/or VPA eligibility requirements.


VPA Academic Eligibility Requirements:


  • Academic grade checks will take place for all student athletes periodically throughout the year.  Any student receiving a D or F grade at progress report time will be placed on academic probation.  Progress reports are every mid-quarter (approximately 5 weeks into each quarter).  During academic probation students will be able to continue to participate fully with their athletic teams, but will at no time be able to be released early from academic classes to participate in athletic contests.


  • Any student athlete receiving a failing grade (F) on their quarterly report card will be deemed academically ineligible for the rest of the semester.  Academically ineligible students may continue to practice with the team, but will be ineligible to participate in any athletic contests or games until academic eligibility is regained.


  • Students can regain their academic eligibility by improving their grade to a minimum “70%” level.  If at any time the student’s grade again falls below the “70%” level, the student will again be deemed academically ineligible until eligibility is regained.